Hurt Me Again


United States
39° 16' 54.39" N, 76° 41' 35.6784" W

Why now, after all this time?
Why did you call me tonight?
To dig that knife into my back just a little bit deeper?
To lead me down that dead-end road again?
I know you. I know how you work.
I know all your tricks.
And yet,
Here I find myself on the phone with you,
Hoping you called to apologize.
But I know you.
You won’t say you’re sorry,
Even if you really do regret your betrayal.
You’re too proud,
Too stubborn.
And besides,
Why should I even forgive you?
You hurt me. You know you did.
And again,
And again.
So much pain.
So much suffering.
So much sorrow.
And yet,
Here I find myself willing to let you back in.
Love sucks,
And so do you.
But I guess I do to,
Because I let you.
I let you hurt me.


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