Hate That I Love You.

I feel like your choking me when i am around you,

but i breath, because i love you.


I tried to fight my feelings, 

but victory was impossible, because i love you.


I hear voices in my head to keep me away from you, 

but i hold on, because i love you.

 I cry myself to sleep every night, 
 but give you a good night kiss, because i love you.
 You make me hate the way i love you, 
 but i do, because i love you.
 You are a devil, i am an angel, who cares? 
 Because i love you.
 You are fire, i am ice, who cares? 
 Because i love you. 
 You and I will never be alike, but who cares?
  Because i love you. 
  You and I will never... im tired... who cares? 
 Because i love you.

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