Let Down


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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your fears. 

Do what you want as long as the witch doesn't hear.


How did the witch feel when she found that you were with child?

A baby with a baby

Was she heartbroken like a motheer who tried her best to protect her child from the outside world.

Or did she curse you to be a whore?

Who she wishes that she gave curls. 

Because then the prince wouldn't of made his way into your chamber,

And even deeper into your sanctum. 

Did the witch disown you, did she blow the problem out of proportion?

Would she now pity you and let your bear children,

Or conjure money for an abortion?


Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your fear

Sing your song for the world to hear


That Witch!

What does she know of love?

Has she felt it's sensation?

The feeling of lust overriding every rational thought in one's body.

Does she understand?

Your desperate longing for womanhood,

For womanhood means freedom.

For a shelter that is too sturdy can only provide so much protection

Until the person inside


Whether physically or mentally.

The walls of everyones tower close in eventually.

And rash decisions can only lead to rash actions,

And rash action's only power is the hope that lies within it

So i pray the world spares you it's cruelties

And your decison was right.

Hopefully this world is what you thought it would be 

Hopefully your love is not as blind as your thorned prince, and you are not waiting cold nights wondering what other damsel he has freed

Hopefully mother witch was wrong and that spell of the honeymoon phase is not cast aside for ill feelings of rebuke and regret

Hopefully you won't have to stay in this castle that serves to replace barrier the tower provided.

Hopefully you won't have to hide your feelings inside of it and keep a strong face for your kids like the many women that came before you.

Hopefully his hands will never prick you like the thorns that took his sight.


Hopefully, it is not a let down.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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