The Trap


I am the only one

Who loves you

Who else could ever love you?


Your friends aren’t as important

As Me

You must not love


If you go out with them


You are nothing

Without Me,

What even is your name?

Used? Abused?



Do you not trust Me?

What’s yours is Mine

I am doing this for

Your own good


Because I love you



The Recognition


I am an individual

Who loves myself

As i am


My friends uplift me

And hold no priority

Over my other Loved Ones.

I am allowed to have dance

Without you


I am the vast Seas,

The expanding Universe

A child of the Earth

My name is Love. Compassion.



Trust is a funny thing

It is warped into control

I will not do that

For My own good


Because I love Myself


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My community
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