nov. 21

you are more than I deserve

than I will ever deserve

you are the cool and glorious rains that fall

blissfully to the scorched lands

that have been plagued 

by drought

they did not appreciate you for what you were

until you were gone

only then did they see the errors of their ways

and repent

and because you are pure, and good, you forgave

but for just how long can the rains fall from the heavens?

how long can torrents of rejuvenation and adoration

come forth and pacify the qualms

of the ungrateful earth

when will the water dry up?

when will the day come that the lands will never again be shielded

from the brutality of the sun?

that the earth will dry up, and be filled with sorrow.

with remorse.

with bitterness.

with repentance.

to no reward.

when will penitence gain no ground?

the love that was so willingly bestowed upon you will at once cease.

the clouds will burst forward in a cacophonous deluge

lightning strikes

thunder claps

the pyre that is the world roars to life

and the clouds above cry in anguish

for although they want not to cause you harm

they cannot be the hand that is holding the gun

pressed like a kiss

to their temple. 

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My community
Our world
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