"All That I Learned from Love"

Thu, 06/07/2018 - 13:20 -- toco.tt

He taught me how to feel…To feel his red hot grip on my throatSo that I would grow cold. He suffocated me in his embrace and now, I am cold… And catatonic.  The red lace,That once was a symbol of our passion,Would turn on me And use its body instead to tie me To the blue skyAnd drag heaven down.  To suffocate, In the clouds,Or down, under the Earth; What is the difference?  My flower that once bloomed for himNow Stings with salt and soap,The flavor of his body. I am so sorry.  I am trying to stay afloat on land, Under the sky,In gardens filled with the most damaged, Yet enduring flowers because The sun seems to shine brighterOn the scarred, green seasThan on the unscathed, blue waters.  I am so sorry,But today the sun is not beaming in my garden.Today She is not bright enough to burn away What his lips left on me.  But you, you are bright enough, my love. I do not feel cold when I  am with you. I am hot!Setting the world on fire with the heat between us. You make me dance so freely,Even the wind cannot compete.  He strangled me.Wrapped his body around my neck And made me go numb To the beautyOf the sky, Of the sea, Of these gardens that burnedBut that grew into something even bigger. Something even stronger. Something I wish I could be- But you?You bathe me in light.Teach me that what is on Earth is not always so evil. He has no place on my body anymore because of you! You, who taught me that Though she is not bright, The sun still shines and SlowlyHe will fade away. You, who helped me learn to breathe.Hold me, baby.Teach me how to breathe. 

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