I Almost Gave In


Disturbed by the redolence of your pores seeping through your lightly complex skin;which reeked of your drunken energy fueled by rage and Depression;I almost immediately became intimidated by the actions that hasn't even occurred yetconsidering that my spirit allowed my third eye to broaden while I slumbered.Past thoughts of me and you..you and I.Asleep amongst the stars...memories of making love under the stars.Feeling your shooting star enter my galaxyhad I known then that I wasn't relaxing in lust butbeing forced into you asking for my trust with no good intentions...no protection.My guard was down..my heart pounding and my pussy throbbing...why didn't I know that it was you who was doing the robbing.Stealing and destroying.I loved youbut the thoughts of us became annoying.Ignorance.I decided I can't deal with this...but I came back.You're energy so strong it causes mine to slack.You claim hands of defense;I wish you had missed.I should've left up my fence or I should've responded with my fists... they say patience is a virtueyet waiting on you to change was like at my time of deathbut still hoping it was your time too.  But I grew and I learned...I thought and I reacted.I was burned and distracted..it got a little easier...it was closer to my daylight..Night after night....love perished just a little more and presentiment arose deep within;However I renounce anxiety and I proclaim peace.Regardless to what you aimed at me. 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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