Release Me to Peace

I need a release to find some peace

Take me away with your grace

To find some peace in this space

Calm the raging war in my mind

Close those doors in the sky.

You're making my plans with such demand

You hold all of your cards in one hand

I know that your only trying to help

But my heart is breaking

And my soul is aching

I need to know what you think

An angel fallen from grace

A demon risen in place

My heart is battling all of these fears

I just hope that you're near.

My bottles are falling on the ground

I fight with the cause of my frown

my head is spinning,

I'm getting dizzy from this mess.

Just listen now if you can't hear

All of my thoughts and my fears

They're waiting for you to catch up with them.

Now I know that you've had a hard past

but don't punish me for that mess

I am only a product of what once was love

Please don't forget the past.

This poem is about: 
My family
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