The Thief of Me

I never realized how much I was missing out on life

Never realized I was still in the night

You found me smoking a cigarette and you reached out your hand

Why me?

How could someone as great as you ever take an interest in me?

How do you see this greatness in me that I can never see myself?


You persist anyway

And my walls came tumbling down, down, down

They never put up a fight

Why did you choose me?

What did you see in me?


I don’t think you know just how much you have done for me

You gave me strength when I had none

I gave you everything I had

You became my candle burning bright in that night

Please, just keep burning a little longer...


But you have stayed so long

I am broken

I am burned

I thought you’d always be there for me, but

You were only there to kill me

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My family
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