She’s The One For You


United States
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I’m so glad you’ve moved on
I’m so glad you’ve found better
you finally look like your life is together
I’m so happy you’ve moved on
and found someone that makes you smile
someone that makes you feel
what you’d hadn’t in a while
I’m so glad you’re no longer lonely lonely
so you don’t come back to me
because you have made a home
out of someone else’s heart
and she’s beautiful too
she looks like a work of art
I’m so happy for you
I hope your mom likes her
and your friends do too,
i hope your little brother drags her to play
with the toys in his room
maybe she enjoys to do the same music you do
I hope she likes nice walks through the city
and enjoying the view
I really hope that she’s the one for you
or maybe she’s not
Im just glad someone’s putting a smile on your face
making your day
and keeping you sane
someday ill find the same

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