"You Wanted It, Though"


United States
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There are faces swimming in your vision
Memories you'd much rather forget
Nightmares in the daytime
Tears you always regret
They taunt you with their freedom
The injustice of reality
That they have used you, abused you
With disgusting brutality
Is it so bad to want justice?
The beautiful catharsis of
"Yes this happened"
"Yes it won't go away; not immediately"
"Yes it wasn't your fault"
"No you didn't deserve it"
You were a child and your innocence was taken
You were a teen and your youth was stolen
You aren't to blame and you don't deserve this
To have friends so repulsed
And family so revolted
When even strangers seem to turn their backs
And their words will always reverberate
In your being, in your mind
And no matter how much you scrub
Their filth never seems to come off
And you're weak because it hurts
That's what they tell you
But the incident is so potent
You can never seem to forget
The scars are not visible
But you still feel them there
Gaping and bleeding and festering
This isn't you
You are unbreakable
The strongest being in the world
You are not:
"They're not going to believe you"
"You know you wanted it"
"I love you"
You are unbreakable
You are amazing
Unforgiving integrity
You are a survivor


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