Unwanted love


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Small and vulnerable,
she listened to you.
You showed her,
made her believe
your love was true.
She didn't ask for this.

Diminishing her character,
you took control.
Guiding her through it,
you taught her,
but in the process
you changed her.

You dedicated your time,
gave her your full attention.
Yet, she only longed for less.
Every second with you
tore her apart,
messing with her mind.

Such warmth you gave her,
by her side for anything
protecting her from all the hurt
others could inflict upon her.
Yet, she'd rather feel pain because of them
than feel loved in your arms.

The only thing she wished for,
hoped for was the day you'd leave her alone.
You should realize,
she doesn't want you.
She never wanted this,
but you just ignored and persisted.

Once she opened her mouth,
everything spilled out.
You were dismissive,
denied the fact
that you hurt her,
hurt me...


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very emoitonally driven
great job in expressing yourself
i understand the msg-keep writing
im a power poetry mentor

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