Beauty Is...

Sun, 05/26/2013 - 23:25 -- AEllson


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Beauty is . . .

the scars of a child who survived abuse
the cuts lining the arms of a teenager who can find no better way to cope
the guy who saves his friend from suicidethe family being rescued after hurricane Katrina
the man who forgives the drunk driver after he forever changes his life
the young man who, after dealing with abuse as a child, rescues another child from the same horrible future
the firemen who gave their lives on 9/11
the girl who was shot because of her belief in God
the girl with HIV who uses the rest of her life to fight against it
the man who pays for the homeless man to eat lunch
the person who comforts her friend who's going through divorce
the man, woman, boy, or girl who uses their past and hurts to help others for the better


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