Victim Concealed


United States
38° 24' 10.8324" N, 122° 13' 12.0252" W

She was all yours.
She was everything you wanted,
Worth the world and more.
She took care of you so well.
Always waiting by the door.
She was your number one fan,
Begging for an encore.
She was the best you ever had.
Everything you adored.
You had her heart in your hands.
Hurt her. Abused her.
Let her slip between your fingers like sand.
Now you’re all alone.
You both cry at night.
She hurts so bad,
But only shows it when out of sight.
You play the victim
And sob to all about your plight.
She is the one who you broke.
It was you she had to fight.
Her heart shows it all.
Weighed down with tar
Broken, bleeding, bruised.
Her heart adorned with scars.
You still plead you’re the abused
But You’re the one who tore it all apart.
You had the best girl in the world,
Then you threw it all in the dust.
Stepped all over her spirit
Because all you did was lust.
Left her there broken
No wonder she can no longer trust.


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