3 Types of Pain


Pain is an inevitable part of life.

Pain is your body, mind or spirit way of telling you it hurts.

There’s three types of pain: physical, spiritual, and emotional (psychological).

I learnt all three types at such a young age.

Emotional 1st, spiritual 2nd, and currently enduring physical pain.

The day I learnt emotional pain was the day my mom gave me up.

How could she say she didn’t want her own kids?

I felt betrayed, abandon, lost hurt, heart-broken, and so much pain.

I never clearly understood emotional (psychological) pain until that day.

The day I learnt spiritual pain was the day my Grandpa passed away.

The only way to express my pain was to cry every day.

I have a whole in my soul and half of me is missing.

I felt lost, sad, but most importantly I felt empty.

Sadly I am currently enduring physical pain.

I feel like I’m living in Hell every day!

I’ve been suffering but no one seems to care.

I’m starting to believe I deserve this.

My body is literally covered with bruises, scars, and cuts!

I’m calling out for help, hopefully someone will hear me!

In 17 years, I learnt all 3 types of pain.

I’ll have to say physical is the worst pain of all.

I have to endure all this pain, because I guess it’s my fault.

This is tragic, I’m too young to endure all 3 types of pain.

It’s been 17 years and no one has helped me!



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