The Devil on My Shoulder is The Angel in My Ear

i've listened to it more times than i can count,

but who's to say that i'm wrong.

what you can see is the fading memory of me in a song.

why can't i be true, why do you have to love 

please i'm begging you run away

let me die with my thoughts as my honor and faithfulness decay.

they're not you, but you're not them, neither am i

another broken heart bleeds

the veil over my eyes covers the pain from my lust and my greed.

whispers of passion, listening to the void

return's point is far behind

as you lay alone i lay with the sin that hides itself in lies

decietful mask why do you're colors hurt her 

she'll never see what's under

hell itself, brimstone tearing my wicked sick spirit asunder

i've listened to my depravity call out

but there's nothing i see wrong

i've already kissed the devil by the time you've finished this song


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