Her Suicide Prayer


Her face just puffy and full of hurt,
her eyes full of tears, 
tears that just can't seem to stop flowing out.
So many voices going through her head, 
telling her that her life would be better if she was dead.
She places her shaking hands over her ears, 
place them over them trying not to listen to the voices.
She yells out once again for help, 
but again no one comes to her rescue.
There she is just sitting there,
sitting there on her cold bathroom floor.
The clock ticks by,
tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.
Uncontrollably her body begins to shake. 
Unable to stop it at all, she starts to think.
She realize that no one cares. 
She gets the feeling of being so alone and so helpless.
She begins to pray a simple yet heart-felt prayer.
"Father, no longer do i wish to shed anymore of these hurtful tears.
My eyes are full of so much pain, 
pain that I don't think I can take much longer.
The voices in my head refuse to go away. 
Its like my feelings are at war with my mind,
and my feelings are losing the battle.
I feel like no one loves me, 
no one wants me, 
no one cares,
and no one can help me now.
The only thing I truely wanted was for someone to love me,
someone to care about me, and hold me at night when I'm lonely. 
Please forgive me father, for I am about to sin!"
For the last time she opens her eyes.
She begin to cut deeply around her neck,
deeper and deeper into her flesh.
The dark blood pours out more and more down her neck, and her body.
Her body starts to get the feeling  of getting weaker and weaker.
Her hand begins to open slowly,
slowly yet the blade still drops from her hand real quick.
Its sad to say that the cold floor was her final resting place.
She lays there as the pain slowly drift away,
as her heart slowly stops beating, 
and as her eyes slowly and softly shut for good.
She lays there dead, 
yet free of pain,
yet free of the tears.
Silense quickly takes over.
No longer do you hear the loud screams,
no longer do you hear the horrible drops of her painful tears, 
and never will anyone understand all the suffering she went through day by day,
Unless you're reading this poem you wouldn't understand.
Right now just listen to this complete utter silence.


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