Questions in times of sorrow

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 16:22 -- WoW

You wouldn't think that it would be this hard to listen to your own thoughts and your own heart.

The silence doesn't help, it only makes it worse.

The silence makes my thoughts lonely, makes my mind race.

Sometimes I wish that I could unplug my mind and let it all drain out,

flood into another world, one where my mind is free and clear.


why is it so hard for me to find?

Such a pure and simple thing really, yet I can't seem to grasp it.

How do you find yourself in such a big place?

How do you know who you are when there are so many people telling you what not to be?

What path will lead us to happiness?

It's not a certain place it's not a certain object,

it's a feeling inside you.

Uncover all of the insecurities and doubts and find who you are or who you want to be.

Find you.

Reveal your heart, so your heart can reveal you.

Tell no lies, only speak of truth.

Secrets will eat at you until there is nothing left for you to give.

Open your mind to the words of others and you will become a wise man.

Feel like you belong where ever you may roam and live wherever you feel whole.

Cherish every moment with the love that you have by you

for no one knows what the future holds.






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