The Castle


United States
34° 59' 40.1532" N, 81° 3' 12.186" W

There is a castle underneath the Sea,
Under the Moon.

Only those who have lost can see it.
Only the ones that have felt true sorrow.

The wisps of past loves reside there.
The forgotten dreams.
The abandoned hopes.

The sobs that have been held in too long,
until all emotion disappeared.

It holds all the wounds that Time will never heal,
All the pieces of every broken heart.

Every eyelash, wishbone, and dandelion seed ever wished upon.
Every tear shed for the wishes that never came true.

The Castle holds everything your heart once held dear.
It contains every word spoken in love, in anger,
and in every goodbye.

Every kiss that ended too soon,
every smile that didn't quite last.

The Castle is a quiet place.
A cold place.

Filled with wilted rose petals,
broken promises,
and tear splotched ink.

It welcomes your grief,
so you may leave it behind.

It welcomes your tears,
so you may dry your eyes.

So while you are here,
leave your sadness behind.

Move on with your life,
and be happy.

There is a Castle underneath the Sea,
Under the Moon.


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