What did you do for me?

How dare you suggest, that I be the best, when you never did anything for me

Hug and Kisses, no!

Always touched, but never close

Never agreed with my individuality

What did you do for me?

A child may be young

But she still has her toungue

Covered in lies

Her daddy needs to open his eyes

What did you do for me?


She cries, but never tells

Pain deep as a well

Never know who you raise

Cause one day you'll wake

And your child has all the fame

What did you do to me?

Wait? You struggle? So do I

Did you ever think twice

Who you "touch" changes lives?

What did you do to me?


Your a lucky man

lIving in peace

and harmony

Never forget my daddy said

"He only got one family."

What did you do to me?


Every. Night. I pray.

That God has mercy

For those who destroy

A baby girls voice

What did you do to me?

When your in the wrong 

Sugar-coat and move on

How quick you forget

You preach and preach

But it's God you disrespect!

What did you do to me?


They say Elders are wise

But the baby is truth, and the proof, of his lies

Look what you did to me.

Afraid to be touched 

By a boy that she loves

Because of what her "father" has done

Look what you did to me.


Extreme change

from molested to rape

I never wanted that pain

Why did you touch me?

You always expected

To be so respected

Put you on a pedestal

Your my father, so I look like the fool

I just want to apoligize

To those who were chastised

Cause I realized

That I faked a smile

For all those years

But now those tears, have disappeared

Why did you touch me?

Now I've become so bitter

Thought I could be a killer

Just to end this rage

But what would that change?

Why did you touch me?

I wanna speak to the demon that lives inside

I know it's been anticipating to come alive

It started when I was four

How did my mother attract a whore

You literally penetrated me to my core

Why did you touch me?


At the end of the day 

My love can't replace

Look what you created

Hope my story is an inspiration

Thank you, for what you penetrated in me.





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