Gone Away

Fri, 12/20/2013 - 17:49 -- Camargo

I looked up to you at that time

so strong and independant

I never saw the emptiness

that filled your eyes as you looked back

never saw that when you looked at me

you saw nothing at all

I once asked you if you loved me

and your silence broke my heart

I watched you as you walked away

saw that you never looked back

you never heard me cry your name

never saw my tears fall to the ground

you were already long gone

gone, gone, gone away,

to places my heart could never reach


My mind sought for you every day

I searched for you in my dreams

delving forever deeper

into that black hole of pain

reaching out with my heart to you

crying out ‘til my voice was raw

I clung desperately to a small hope

a small fractured sliver of light

glowing ever faintly now

the only thing that I had left

that could ever heal my shattered heart

the light begins to fade away

I held on ‘til it was long gone

gone, gone, gone away,

to places my heart could never reach


Dreams no longer come to me now

the light of day seems to fade away

and sometimes when I sit alone

I wonder if you ever loved me

I find that it’s too hard to cry

my heart is all out of tears to shed

the deep aching pain has been replaced

by a bleak and cold sense of numbness

a world that’s full of dull gray shades

that is somehow worse than the pain

it seems to me that when you left

a part of me left with you

and now I know that my heart is gone

gone, gone, gone away,

to places a heart could never reach


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