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i simply wish to speak
without a curse holding me back
i dream of letting words come out
from the inside out
without a trail of tears following
falling from my eyes as if they were the skies
i simply want the heart beating to die
to just a little sound
such hard pounding to stop
it shows what my fears are
from the inside out
the flush on my face is just another sign
of all the thing i keep
since i have too much fear to speak
i don’t want to hurt anyone
not a prick from a pin
not a slap from a belt
or the back of a hand
let me just hold you
no one deserves a blow from their father
or a hit from a lover as if they’re a bother
the red should have gone
i wish you had gone
but you have help me grow
from a seed that was planted
and roots that spread
the only thing to hold me up
is my own stem
i’m not yet a flower; i’ll continue to grow
but i can sit here and say
i know
i spoke



Speak all you want i'm here for you!!


Thank you very much.

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