Wed, 01/22/2014 - 13:09 -- Jazziie

*written in 8th grade

"Daddy's home!", Mom yells to her son from the front door

A few hours later, it's happy no more

Daddy drinks a beer and goes about

What always makes the boy scream and shout

He screeches and squirms, he moans and cries

It's the first time Mom sees it, so to no surprise

"Ring ring! 911, what's your emergency?"

"My son was beaten to a pulp, please help, my husband's crazy"

He hears her, kicks her down, and hangs up the phone

Three and a half minutes later, police at the door, he says "No one's home!"

They barge the door open only to see the bruised bodies on the floor

They arrest him, he's sentenced to life, and he hates all of his prison chores

One night in his sober cell he sits and thinks Oh my, what have I done?

He cries and soon kills himself when he realizes and screams "I killed my son!"


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