Push her to the ground, watch her fall.
See how strong you are?
She cries from the pain and you just listen to her screams.
Over and over again, In her mind, she dies.

Finally gone from this world, never to feel the evil that surrounds.
She is fragile. Watch her break. Crack by crack, soon she’ll feel nothing.
She’ll wish and she’ll pray, but only hear silence.
She is afraid, scared of the monsters that attack.
Soon she’ll run. Watch her bleed, Watch her squirm.
While you live in guilt, she’ll finally be happy.
Watch her hide, see her flee. There she goes, gone forever.

Look how free she is like a bird flying across the blue sky


How strong do you feel now?
You’ll just find another victim. Push her, push her hard.

Maybe she’ll break, but she won’t, not yet.
Slap one. Slap two. Feeling the burn.
Thought she was loved, mistaken again. Thinking ‘bout before
Before you both met

Asking: why her? Blaming herself for what you are doing.

 Her heart breaks just like her limbs.
The pain is easing, but it's still there.

 See her scream, she is scared.

You are winning.
She hopes, hopes for the future, hopes for a change that will NEVER come.
She won’t be rescued until her hero arrives, but her hero is gone.

Forever alone in the darkness that surrounds her.

She tries to save herself, but it’s too late.
Look how free she is like a bird flying across the blue skies.

She was just another bug caught in the spider’s silver web!
There’s more to prey on, munch on.
Make them shiver and quiver to escape the eight legged monster.
Maybe this one? Make her feel like you're the one
Let her fall in love. When she falls, you will catch her, THEN rip her heart out.
It’s the master plan. So tired of being alone, she let you in.
Only to feel the pain. Angry and hurt, she climbs for power.
In order to reach the top she must be strong.

She IS strong, stronger than you.
You get weaker. You are losing. You are no match.
She doesn’t hide, because she isn't shy.
See her flee? NO, because she didn’t flee.

She pushes you, makes you feel the pain. Harder and harder she swings.

Down you go along with the walls that held her.

Never lock up a bird.

They are meant to be free.

Flying, soaring, and singing.


Lindsay Lee

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Our world
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