The Need to Know: Why?


Her idea of love has morphed.  Contorted and transformed into something that cannot be explained. Could it be because of the man who called her a 'worthless slut' and dished out unneccesary punsihment? Or was it you? The one who broke her heart because he didn't get what he wanted at that party? Who thought it was best to just tell those at school that you got what you were after? Was it you there? The one who decided he liked what he saw and wanted what he wanted when he wanted it and decided to take it without permission? Was it you guys? Standing outside her locker everyday repeating Daddy's words because of the viscious rumors of what didn't really happen at the party that night? Maybe it's closer to home with you? At the age of 8 you promised you would protect her from bullies and anything else bad because thats what a big brothers are there for aren't they? Nowadays do you stay true to your word? Last time she checked you were a factor in the spreading of the rumors. It can't be just men right? Mommy stands and watches as Daddy gets mad and turns toward her. She stands there in a state of horror yet is relieved. Relieved that today is her day off. Maybe it was you? The "best friend forever" that had a different idea of what forever actually is once popularity shook her hand. Who has stopped this crippled bird from healing and once again taking flight? From being able to see and  love back the boy who will always care for her in ways she can no longer imagine? From being able to have that special "first time" and instead has to relive a monster on top of her each time someone touches her? In her mind the question is not who, all of you have done enough. Her question now is: Why?

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WOW, writen greatly! and understood completely.

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