The castle at dawn

Clumsy moves on tippy toes

spinning on those itchy carpet floors

vibrant colors and familiar smells

he takes it all he takes some more...

mothers voice and soothing hands

knotted hair and sticky fingers

the smell of waxy crayons

he thiefs in the night but lets it linger

a familiar street against untied shoes

icky memories a mind must lose

breath tainted with cigars

and she wondering much to far

mind lost in his laberynthine kingdom

scientific explanations

like overactive norepinephrine

causing unwanted sensations

emotions on fire as she begins to see

the toxic air which she breaths...

what is this in the articulate shrubbery

an unkempt child?

a familiar face...

and she can't put her finger on

as the girl takes hand in hand

trekking the entanglement at the dawn

weak woman and willful child

beleaguer over grown weeds, trees, and bushels

to the castle of old brittle bones







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