Abused surviver

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Balling your fist

Just hoping you missed

Every single throw.

But then agian

Oh, there you go

With every blow.

Just knocking me down

Smacking me around

With every pound.

Well i'll survive

When i hear you arive

I'll stay alive.

Just tell me why?

You want me to die

You do this to me.

I wont tell

I'll say i fell

While i pray you burn.

When your feeling bad

You seem to get so mad

Then take it out on me.

The hate in your eyes

With that one surprise

With a goodnight hit.

But deep instead

You want me dead

Or want me alive.

To hit me more

What do you need me for?

Or you really care..

You show no regret

You dont feel like shit

Or anything in between.

I hide the hurt

I hide the pain

My dads insane.

So much shame

Im the one to blame

I feel defeat.

Every fight

Every night

I want this to end.

      ~LINUS. A.

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Native pride

Mine lol. 



hey there, your poem is amazing. normal people would say something like "oh it's too sad" but its not its the truth the cold hard one that says hey this happened now deal with it, okay? that is life. so thank you for the truth 

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