Dealing for the Underdog

Fri, 10/25/2013 - 10:22 -- rkculp

In the end, life is not about the suffering I’ve faced,

It’s not about the times I held my tongue and suppressed a scream when darkness stole my innocence.

Or the cuts and scars that were hidden beneath a cardigan to mask my own loathing,

Its not the compromises I made, the secrets I held for them to ease the pains of the past,

Life is about healing.

It is the storys of redemption and rising against the hopelessness found in this world.

Your story matters, just as mine does.

Enduring pain is more than holding your tongue, fighting back tears, and attempting to be strong.

 It's showing the world that the devils can't have you, and living as a hope to the others who have none.

Don't hush, you deserve to speak.


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