It's All Up to You (Scholarship Slam) (High School Perdition)

17 and scarred
4 years of a hell
Group of friends to hardly none

Drama spreading faster than wildfire
Knives sharpened and reused on someone else's back
Blame being pointed everywhere but the source

Long nights
Crying in my room
Fighting my inner demons
Fighting the urge to break skin
To release the inner pain

People say that they care what happens to you
But don't want to listen when you want to talk about it

Talk about what has happened:

From the abuse
To the loss
To the conflicting feelings of wanting to
Run away
Wanting to stay
Wanting to die
Wanting to live
Wanting to hate him
Yet loving him
Even with him not looking for you

People shut you out when they think you won't get better
You can't get better if no one is willing to support you
But they don't know that
They just leave when you're broken and ready to give up

Addictive things become an escape
Take another hit to forget what has happened
Take another drag to numb the ache in your chest
Push the blade a little deeper to get that inner voice to shut up
Take another swig to become carefree

High school killed my inner child
Killed my innocence
And made my parents hate me.


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