Lost Son


United States
32° 55' 50.0844" N, 80° 0' 11.4588" W

You made who I am today and for that I hate you

You made me see what others couldn’t dream

You made me think I was nothing

You made me sell coke every night

You made me hold my sheets real tight

When you threw gun blazing bruises

You made mom feel belittled and insecure

When I left my little brother alone

With you that night I never thought that

His face would look so wrong and unright

You were our protector

Yet you hit us every night

Until we blacked out and

Woke us up as if everything was alright

You were our Father yet you

Left three times a night and

Beat our mother when she tried to take flight

You were not our father when mom walked

Us away from you that night you were our

Abuser. Because as our father you


F as in Fearful

A as Aggressive

T as terriozing

H as in hurtful

E as in evil

R as in ruthless  

You made me who I am today

And for that I hate you

You showed me what a real man was

And for that I Pity you

For in fact what you thought was right

Is the totally opposite of what real man

Do for their family all night.


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