Sleepless Night!

No one knows her story like I do
so let's see if you can understand it too.

At age six she had the strength to witness her mom first set of convulsions
Once she could rest her dreams were disturbed by an explosion
An explosion of rage
Dads yelling, moms watching the flames devour his clothes
She simply closed her eyes and wipes her running nose
She feels dizzy, faint and all over she's trembling
She doesn't know what's happening
She lays on the cold hard floor and she can feel it's getting hard to breathe
It feels like her soul is getting ripped apart with every breath
So she just lays in her puddle of tears unable to escape.
The little girl awakes to her father telling her he loves her
Last night seemed like one big blur
Dad leaves her in a cold abandoned house
Just to return barely able to stand, rubbing his nose and eyes barely open
She close her eyes knowing it's a dream waiting for her instincts to tell them to reopen
Dad is soon replaced by mom
She opens her arms to her mothers warm embrace
just to be replaced by a I despise you face
But all the little girl can show is love because she knows it was all just one bad nightmare.


Anxiety ATTACK!

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