You Walked Out The Door


I'll never see you again...

And i knew you weren't coming back,
We were a family, a team, you were running back,
Because you ran away quicker than Barry Sanders,
I looked up to you then, but now they're barely standards,
I do remember the good times and all of that,
Like when you bought me my first baseball cap,
When you kissed me and hugged me,
When you told me that you love me,
But then you would be a toughy,
And wouldn't hesitate to slug me,
Your love was a game of rugby,
The relationship was ugly,
Mommy's on the phone, using rude and angry tones,
That she gained in this old beat down and broken home,
Your words were sticks and stones,
That's how you broke her bones,
The cuts were awfully deep, but eventually were sewn,
We cried when you were gone but it only made us strong,
And though we felt alone, we know we're on our own,
We know we're on our own.

But now everything is just fine,
Your "homies' have your back? Well God has mine,
I'm a man of success, not a man of crime,
Johnny Cash in his prime, watch me "Walk That Line,"
We're happy without you, my soul just glimmers,
We appreciate the loss because that's what makes winners,
My family's so healthy and we're feeling the vibes,
To you, i'm dead, that's why i feel so alive,
My hearts so big, I feel ten feet tall,
Making giant leaps, back then we'd crawl,
I have manners and I reflect common courtesy,
I cut you out my memory, not surgical,
I did it in a way that always used to worry me,
But now I think I nailed it in a vision that fits perfectly,
I became everything You Couldn't be for us,
A man who reflects success and honest trust,
A man who provides with Love and Fairness,
I feel I'm completing goals, so That's mainly why i share this,
And I can give you thanks, but that's just nonsense,
I do seek success, but I focus on the progress!



My father walked out my family's life when I was five. I wrote this poem for the understanding of how hard it was for him to leave us, but the more important significance to this poem is the fact that my family and I overcame this obstacle. It also fueled my ambitious to be more ambitious about becoming a successful Man.

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