354 South Mill Street Jonestown, PA 17038
354 South Mill Street Jonestown, PA 17038

Can anybody hear me?

I’m sitting here screaming.

Yet nobody hears my plea.

Instead, I feel their all trying to flee.

Why me?

What did I do wrong?

I’ve felt like this for so long,

I question if I even belong….

I’m so alone.

I can’t help but moan. 

Forget my life,

I don’t deserve a real home.

I might as well just live in a dome.

Live all alone

Without a true home.

I mean, I can cry

Without drawing an eye.

I can hide

And hope they think that I died.

But why make them think

When it could be my reality?

That might just be the key.

Just to get rid of me.

No more hurting

No more pain

No more acting

Like I am insane.

Kill myself,

Easy as 1-2-3.

Should I starve myself?

Slit my wrist?


Or give it a twist?

But then I came up with an idea….

To pray just one last time.

God, please forgive me

God, heal my hurts.

God, I surrender.

God, heal my heart.

Why should I give up on life?

Why did I threaten to use a knife?

Why did I turn to cutting myself?

Why wasn’t I concerned about my own health?

God can heal those hurts deep inside.

He can make a full transformation, in and outside.

So turn to him, in time of need.

And be willing to step back, and let him take the lead.

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