The Color Within

I just stood there

Almost paralyzed by your beauty 

Yet, Letting your hurtful words cut me so deep I started to bleed from my wrist

My blood was as red as her matte lipstick 

From the pain I began to cry 

My tears as blue as her eyes

You picked at my soul like a game of operation 

Slowly taking colors out of my life one by one

You thought you had it all didn’t you

That you had used my green to paint her 

beautiful nails 

Or my purple to give her hightlights in her hair

But little did you know 

I keep i small dose of yellow within me

My own happiness that I locked up when I met you 

See now I can re color myself much brighter than before without any of your help 

Because in the end she will fade out with my old colors and you will be begging to be this close to a beautiful radiant rainbow

This poem is about: 
Our world


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