On the Unparalleled Cruelty of Our Species

They give us their devotion and love,

We respond with hate.

They show us their loyalty,

We cast them out on the street.

They offer us constant companionship,

We leave them alone to die.

They do nothing out of spite or malice,

We beat them and show no mercy.


When will it end?

When will we finally see the evil in our actions?


They give us all they have to offer.




We could give them so much in return,

But we deem them unworthy.

They are as pure as freshly fallen snow,

And we destroy their innocence without a second thought.


There is no excuse.

There will never be an excuse.


Human nature is undeniably corrupted.

We have the most cognitive ability

Of any species in the animal kingdom.

So how is it possible

That we are able to sink to the lowest levels?

We've been told since birth

"Stop behaving like an animal"

But maybe that's exactly what we need to do.

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Our world
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P.S. Do not worry the dog in the picture was fine & its owner was not far away, I just took a picture of it because dogs are majestic and amazing and I love them and I was taking pictures of all the dogs I saw that day because we were on vacation:) I would've called the animal shelter if I thought it was being mistreated. Just thought I'd clarify for anyone concerned. Have a great day; hope you are happy and get to see many dogs (unless you don't like them (which is crazy but whatever floats your boat))

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