You Are Gone

Calm overwhelms me


Breaking and splintering the anger and pain
The words you spoke to me may heal with time 
But scars take far longer to fade 


I stand tall


You said I am nothing more than a stranger
The love held deeply I was happily drowning
Lungs burning for air that I have never noticed was not there


My hands stop shaking


Rage and despair get along so beautifully
The blood pounding in my ears as they build upon each other
I can not remember if there was a time when they were alone


I am at peace


I have faced monsters far greater than you
The creations of my own making who haunt my every action
Nights alone with no sleep and far too many drinks


I am still here


I cry when I think of you
Afraid of being alone with my thoughts of when we were happy
Knowing that I am one song on the radio away from memories


I am still here


Left in the aftermath of your destruction 
Change in the pressure crushing my lungs as I sink farther
It was warm with you by my side


I am still here


I drive past the street where you used to live
Fire burns in the backyard where we used to talk for hours
You are no longer here and I am afraid I will never be able to leave


I am still here


Anywhere I go I will always know that you are gone
Our family will always be missing a piece in your absence
Its easier to mourn the dead and yet you live


You are gone


I bury you in my heart 
I will grieve our time together
I will breathe the air I have unknowingly longed for


I will still be here and I will move on

This poem is about: 
My family
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