I Am (Not) Okay.


Another day, but has anything changed.

I wake up roll out of bed still the same, afraid.

Will today be the day, that I can stop pretending.

That I am okay.


People pass me everywhere and I put on a show,

I smile, laugh, live, but inside the darkness grows.

Looking into eyes that seem to see through my disguise,

I am not okay.


They say walk a mile in another mans shoes,

I say let me have them, I have nothing to lose.

Slap them on, lace them up, hit the road, maybe

I will be ok.


It’s all fine til’ I see a mirror and catch a glimpse of myself.

Or is it?  I can’t tell. I look like somebody else.

Unrecognizable, an image built on others expectations.

This is not ok!


I used to have dreams, I was passionate, brave, and kind.

Innocent, Ignorant, Undefeatable and Alive.

Now they hide behind a pathetic disguise.

Why is this ok?


The easy explanation, is to spread the blame around.

She insulted, he abused, they laughed, you didn’t make a sound.

Despite the blame, the emptiness continues and a choice must be made.

It’s time for it to be okay.


Okay to be broken, flawed, imperfect and unique.

For my body to fit its own frame, not an impossible physique.

For my dreams to be worthy of more than a laugh.

It has to be okay.


Okay to be a man or woman, who defies the traditional,

Okay to do things in ways that are less than conventional.

Okay to be a complete individual.

I am more than ok.


I am me, and that is all I can be.

I am worth being loved, I deserve to be free.

The only thing that should be allowed to hold me back is me.

Only then will it be ok!


So it is time to come out from behind the curtain.

I am done acting like someone else thats for certain.

Today I will stop hiding, start dreaming, start living once more.

Today, it is okay.




The ending of each one being a change in you is an aweome way to make a point. i love that it changes as you grow emotionally and in understanding. its wonderful!

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