Misunderstanding the Hero


United States
37° 20' 27.2544" N, 77° 27' 31.4064" W

I often look to the yellow lillies in the garden on campus
Friends pass me and time shifts
Is it not the success that people want?
Or perhaps it's the driven motive in which we attempt to strive
Unjust it truly is,
When a hero is misunderstood

My intentions are well, with the greatest ambitions and goals set
The ladder is high, for we all know, I can not climb any further
My limbs become weary, waiting for my time to come
Tell me friends, what am I doing wrong?
Patience, Patience, mother always tells me
I am growing weary cant you see?
My sucess, awards, nominations, all mean the same
I am one to not play and comitt to this waiting game.
Ive become the greatest, in all equivalent to a zero
Unjust it is,
to misunderstand the hero

The sparkle from the sunlight on the lilly cracks me a smile
Not everyday, only once a while
Beautiful, healthy, full of nutrition
I want to be like this lilly, maybe everyone will listen
My world, my society, the individuals around me
Cant possibly see the misfortune confound of me
These lillies, this beautiful craft of God,
surround me in all your goodness and then maybe the true sucess will enter my mind
Then only changing the mindset of all mankind
For the hero, we all are
This misunderstanding will go afar.


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