Sing it Out Loud


We want to change the world. 

We sang it together in crowded basements. 

Declared it so loudly that the world may be forced to hear us. 

But they didn't. 

Because the only thing thats louder than justice is ignorance. 

Or perhaps its arrogance that keeps modified people out of the workplace

and keeps women underpaid. 

I am the ultimate minority. 

And it is not my skin or my sexual orientation that makes that true.

Though they certainly can't be ignored. 


My voice is what makes me a minority in this country. 

They wanted us silence and while other will comply,

I refuse to ever stop singing. 

My voice is a weapon of mass destuction

and as long as I can speak,

I will not let the homeless be ignored. 

I will knock down the doors that keep my brothers and sisters from justice. 

I'm going to paint reality on every billboard,

so no one can say that the world isn't screaming for help. 

When the rain comes to wash it away before people can open their eyes,

I will deliever newspapers covered in the blood of the forgotten,

and people will see exactly what happens when they allow the world to censor their minds. 

Our ability to think for ourselves is power. 

And our ability to speak is a gift, that not many receive. 

Everytime you turn your head away or pretend not to hear the cries of humanity, 

you are wasting what us minorities have worked so hard for. 

I don't know if I can change the world. 

But each day I keep trying.

So that one day I can look around myself and be proud of the nation I helped create.

So whether its for a beaten woman or a homeless child, 

I keep singing. 

So they know they are not alone. 

They are not forgotten.

And maybe if my tune is catchy enough, they'll sing along.

Or maybe if I'm really lucky, you will too. 


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