The Birds & the Bees

It’s not always a stranger

It’s not always a fatality

It’s not always obvious

Sometimes, they’re much more cunning than that

They hunger for it

But they are intelligent

They have a brilliant plan

They won’t be a pedophile

They won’t make themselves obvious to their victim


It’s a peer

It’s a friend

He may even disguise himself as your best friend

He knows you’re vulnerable, so he oh so carefully creates his plan of action

He makes you think you have a chance

Waits ‘till it’s too late to turn back

To tell you that you don’t

Yet somehow keeps you thinking that you do

He coerces you

He tells you that you want it

And you begin to think it’s true

All you wanted was that one simple kiss

But somehow it led to all of this

And you think you wanted it

So soon you find yourself asking for it

Because he’s got you convinced

He’s so valiant; he acts as if he’s a hero

Makes you think he feels guilty and doesn’t want it

So you start to blame yourself, because he’s a good guy

Makes you think he only does it because you want it

So you just keep thinking you want it

But you really want is to shout


But you can’t

Because he’s your best friend


You scream inside

But you can’t lose him

You can’t tell

Because he could ruin you

He could convince everyone else too

And make you seem as filthy as you feel


You tell him

But he reminds you

It’s you.

You did this.

You want this.

You said yes.







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