What yet Has My History Shown

My bones were feeble

My breath had weathered

My voice can be heard as a bare, cracked whisper

And I listen at how fragile we are...

For which my lungs, they were thirsty for air

And my soul hungered for knowledge

An education that would lead me into supreme freedom


I am a giant in the land of beastly persons

Who jump over my bones to try to bend and twist my body

They pull at my heart and covered up my nose


I am the abused little girl.

Who stands outside of her mother’s pearly white gates

She does not dare enter

Sadly, a life of solitude awaits her back at home.




She solemnly stares behind her shoulder

As her house lay in decayed shambles

Although the wood work is quite marvelous

It’s intricate mastery a sight to behold

This great accessory to claim


Is no gold here in her heart

As screams vibrates through the temple of the throne

At night when heads should be lain

Down on quilted spreads

As the moon hover above and the stars shine brightly

Sparkle and twinkle overhead


Much people do not know who might be roaming upstairs

I cleverly hide my mistaken identity

Only to be shielded by control

Life is masked up of laws of nature

One can be hurt and then hurt another

Stealing lives of those they do not own

But control reveals in defeat

And they are often once defame

So they live on in deceit


I crook these rules to protect those around me

From landing down on pain

But I never once could do the job

Because they which not ever had a brain



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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