Don't Extinguish My Seas

I am vast and I am blue and more than you can see

I am loud and I will be heard by everyone

So with this crash I say -No- I decree

That I am my own being and I cannot be undone


You’ve tried to stop me before, and I once obeyed

I drew back my waters and quieted my thunder

Your small, redundant threats made me afraid

And the beauty of my white caps were forced under


But now you’ll know that is no longer

I am washing the ugliest parts of me onto your sand

Because they were what made me stronger

Look at what hurt has come onto your land


You can’t ignore my dead bodies and broken glass

They are something that make up my seas

If you are to explore each glorious pass

You also have to take into account every breeze


I am a force of nature, breathtaking and alluring

But like everything else God has made on this Earth

The process was painful, unpretty, and enduring

And in every way it was the miracle of birth


So you cannot squelch me, suck me up, and hide me somewhere

I am bigger and badder than your ways

I will allow myself to be open and honest, so beware

I’m about to break your norms and set this ocean ablaze


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