Unwilling Transformer

Sat, 08/10/2013 - 02:11 -- zmadha

You Turn me into something that never existed,

Your personal shape-shifter has no control.

I've never realized how much I've been committed,

To your necessities that seem to be your inevitable goal.

How much have I changed in this infinitesimal time?

Your mouth is a remote that manipulates me.

This manipulative manner must master me more,

If you ever want to see my feigned form.

Your various whims simply cause me to think,

Whether my desires are true and not influenced.

Influence is beautiful, but it has its limits,

I feel so used towards your every demand.

What have I become in this infinitesial time?

But thanks to you, it feels as I have commited a crime.

You turn me into something that has no boundaries,

I'm currently a thing that can't be defined.

Whenever I'm with you, your persuasions won't stop,

You've made me a transformer that has no mind


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