"The Child who once saw the Wind"

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 16:25 -- SnowyV


United States
40° 56' 18.006" N, 73° 49' 59.1024" W

-What a strange relationship we had
yet the only time I felt love was then
The Refrigerator Mother was far too cold
my back against his warm chest felt just right
"Spending endless nights contemplating on Chinese propaganda, philosophy, and flight
all emotions were devoured right through your heart
Oneness kept us Insane in a world full of Sanity
I've lost my sight now though I'm much too young"
He taught me how to see when others were beginning to learn how to feel
-I'm deteriorating now my love
Made a wish
Blew it thrice
Opened fingers
For the lines in the sky
Kept my eyelashes
And cracked my spine
But honest tears I can no longer cry
No human contact in far too long
Turns a day into 105
Goodbye you who gave me wings and broke them apart
Taught me of Life and Death all at once
The one who created and exploited me
When the three headed alligator of what was once in me blows gently through the sky
and my pieces disassemble through the wind
My name will remain between Twisted Lines
No Human Eye can see
Besides that one wide-eyed kid
He'll watch me flowing through the waves
Never here nor ever there
I've been invited to Nature's Concert
Mustn't be late
(They call her evil just cause she cycles a different way
Awaiting the New Flower Moon
No Blood to be spilled just a Red woman to be gained)

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