Funny How...

Mon, 03/24/2014 - 11:16 -- fuze22

Funny how we used to be so in love

and the sky's the limit was a frequent term...used

then abused! My hair ripped from the root

Beaten for just an opinion... bitten for just a word spoken

the taste of blood is familiar

the burn from tears feels like acid in my vain

the part that hurts the most is I keep coming back

I can't leave it's like you got me hooked

You're like an addiction that I can't quit

LEAVE ME ALONE! is a constant scream

in which I hope someone will hear but they never do

But funny how when I got down on my knees

My God began to listen to me

he heard my screams and all my shouts

he saw the bruises embedded into me

He was waiting until I cried to him

He gave me the strength to run to town with the kids

and hide out till this very day

funny how I never needed you Anyways...

I just needed Jesus in which saved me

not condemned but fully freed

I am free and funny how you were not the one with the key


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