Doesn't mean

Try to change my mind

Or try again.

It doesn't mean 

Repharase the question, 


Tell me come on.

It doesn't mean pressure me 

By saying it's been a month

And you love me.

It doesn't mean 

Telling me everyone else 

Has already done it 

And how left out you feel 

We should do it 

So we fit in.

News flash

But I've never fit in.

I know I've been born

To stand out.

Don't you dare 

Say I gave you the consent

I said no such thing.


Uttered the word


Without that word

No thing you did 

Was through consent.


Doesn't mean

Me pushing your hands away 

Or squirming away


Even dare I say

Telling you I'm not ready.

But baby, I am.

So should you.

We will be together forever.


You mustn't understand

How much 

Your hands 

Can damage a females body

Her mind 

And her soul

Forever she will be scarred

And every male that tries to touch her 

She will shy away.

Because of


You did this to me

You did it again and again

And made me feel as if I had to

I never said I wanted to

And the worst thing

Half the time, 

You never even 


My body isn't your property

It isn't there for your pleasure

Or at your will.

You don't know how many times 

I've carved into my skin

Trying to get your touch 


How many times

I look into the mirror

And with sorrow filled eyes

Feel ashamed and embarrassed

And the worst of them all


I should've stopped it

I could've said more

It was my fault.

That's what society has told me

That when a girl doesn't physically say no,

Even if I did,

There is no proof

That she didn't want it to happen.

Well I am sorry

That my shaking hands

Trying to find yours 

To push them away

Or my eyes 

Squeezed shut 

Waiting for it to end

Or my protests of not tonight

Or not being ready.

I'm sorry that my silence after

and my distant actions

Failed to tell you

That my body

Isn't meant to be there

At your convenience

And that I was asking for it.

I will never forget what you did to me

But you have already forgotten 

What you did to me.

Because according to you,

I gave you full consent ot use my body 

For your filthy pleasure.

I don't cuss

But my body

Is my own damn property

And no fucking piece of writing tells you

That you have any right

To put your hands

Or lips

Or dick 

On it. 

It's my body

It's my right

And it's my wish 

That I wait until marriage

To have sex.

Not for God

Or my parents

For myself.

I don't cuss 

Yet these words I say 

Won't ever be strong enough

To convey

The true way you made me feel

I don't cuss 

But I want every women to know 

All the bullshit you ever said

To me

And them

About how great it was

And how far I let you go.

Because if truth be told

If I had my choice 

You wouldn't have

Ever gotten 

That hand 

To my chest, 

Nor under my pants.

Therefore you better 

Keep that little fantasy

Inside your head

Because not once

Did I give you consent

Because I never said yes.

Don't you fucking tell me 

to quit being such a girl

Because I'm sure you can tell

I am nothing like you.

I have no dick 

Nor am I one. 

Now I don't cuss but 

No does not mean 

I'm down to fuck. 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



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