Mwen Renmen Ayiti (I love Haiti)

My eyes are on fire,

My heart is warm,

There is sweat on my forehead

I've been traveling long

But I’m cooled by God's grace.

I can feel the ground under my feet, and the wholeness in the air

you take my hand and say "Ou Bel, you're beautiful".


I close my eyes, and I can still see

I know here is where I am meant to be.

God has called me to come,

but tell me why? I am just as broken as you. What good will I do?


You are happier than I, yet I have more than you.

Oh hug me friend, hug me family.

For I have needed you!

You speak differently, but love the same.

It makes me cry because I had no idea I could be loved so much!

I have looked so long for something this beautiful, yet have always turned to unnecessary things.


It was my mistake to believe that most extraordinary things are those that are seen,

but you have been here all along waiting for me.

Now we stand together, heart to heart,

I never want to be a part.

Weeks do end and so does this summer,

but what will never end is the love we were given from God.


You have never needed me, it was I who needed you.

I love you friend, love you family

my eyes might be in flames,

but before I really could not see.


A new path has been lighten


I can now set forth,


and continue to fulfill God’s journey for me.


Mwen renmen ou Ayiti. You have forever changed me.



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