Did you ever think about how lying is just another way of telling someone they’re not worth the truth? How easily you can manipulate your words into a bulldozer and knock every standing piece of truth and trust down, down is the only way a liar can go. And no I don’t mean downhill or down to hell I mean down to their knees begging for forgiveness but by the time you fall there it is too late for you to say I’m sorry. But not me. I’m sorry you didn’t care about me enough that you ad to lie. I’m sorry you thought I wouldn’t find out. I’m sorry you’re on your knees begging for time to rewind like you actually care but time can’t heal everything and you just want to go about things differently.

Lying is another way of telling someone they’re not worth the truth. Message received. I realized I’m not worth your time nor your effort, I must not be worth a hello or even a wave now but the truth? I thought I’d be worth at least that. I guess not. I guess me and yes your mama, and your sister, and your “homeboys”, we’re all not worth the truth. At some point in our lives you’ve sent that message clearly. Let me refresh your memory with the message you sent me: “DSB. I know what you did with him. F you. I want my stuff back. Bye”. Pause. How cliché… and I bought that shit for you. What did I do with who? You must be trying to indirectly tell me about yourself because unlike you I’m faithful and you are anything but full of faith so why don’t you save your little boy lies for a little girl who knows she’s not worth the truth. But I’m no little girl. Not anymore. I’ve grown up and learned. I know the difference between a dick and a lollipop and if it came from you I wouldn’t suck on either. I know that apologies are like crossed fingers when making a promise. I know that my body is not yours for the taking like that free for all on the corner of your street. You’re so caught up in what’s happening around you that you forget to take a second to look inside yourself, but honestly, if I were you, I’d be scared to look in, too.


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