Roses are red, eyes are black and blue, because I love you

Mon, 10/02/2017 - 00:52 -- wjsb

I grew up in a house filled with I love you's,

Eyes and cheeks painted black and blue, 

They got I love you the most, 

My mom was as white as a ghost,

When my dad would say.. because I love you,

I grew up fearing love and who I thought I may be,

A son of a gun who wasn't above hitting his own wife or baby,

I met her in high school, 

She was too beautiful to talk to,

So I just sat behind her and stared at her hair,

I was the new kid, son of an immigrant, no way that she knew I was there,

I had some scars on the outside, 

But on the inside they were magnified,

I thought everyone could see what I learned to be love,

But she noticed me,

Dear God above and all things holy she noticed me!

I couldn't speak,

My words were like dry bread,

Caught in my throat not leaving my head,

Say something idiot! "you look nice in red"

Oh my word I wish I was dead,

But she giggled,

Oh my she giggled!

Our relationship grew and she knew I was scared,

I told her my past and the crosses I bare, 

Then she said the things I was dying to hear,

I don't care. You're not him.

Eight years later and she proved to be right,

I don't even raise my voice let alone physically fight,

She's the most beautiful, perfect thing I've ever had in my life,

Now we're engaged, she'll soon be my wife, 

She's sleeping beside me, right now on this night,

I want her to know she's the reason I am,

Who I've become, me as a man, 

I don't think I'd be me without her,

We laugh and we joke, and we love like it's going out of fashion,

Even our arguments end with a smile, we love and we love with a passion,

Because of her I learned what love is and can be today,

The man who taught me as a child has long gone passed away,

But this love is real, it's deep in my soul and it's true,

The warmth in my heart, the smile on my face, it's simply because... I love you.




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My family
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