Elephants Never Forget

Wed, 09/23/2015 - 18:30 -- lopezc1

Did you know an Elephant never forgets a face

Once the creature catches a glimpse it can never forget

and your face is one that I can never forget.

It’s the horrible truth to have to live with

while you frolic in the fields continuing to pick daisies and shoving them in a book to dry up.

And that crooked smile of yours and those rodent eyes creep with me every night

and have punctured my soul the way a cobra strikes a foe

Every day I die a little more.

Pill after pill and your face still remains

Friends tell me to flip you off

But you have already done that to me

The family tells me to leave behind the past

But you made sure I was left behind

Everyday I tell myself this is the day

This is the day I will leave you behind

But you keep coming back like flood and drown me in those memories of despair

Can’t you see I’m trying to break free of this little cage

But I’m afraid the cat will get me and you will drag me back upstairs

And up there who knows what you will do to me.

There is no way around this horrible truth I have to live with

Elephants never forget and neither will I.

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Our world


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